Vremenska linija razvoja stalka (X 2.0)

It's just the right time to use your laptop everywhere and in every place. It's time for you to keep it near with no fear of where to put it.

… how it all started 

“Once, after many hours of working on my laptop, I have noticed pain in my legs and back aches, and that moment was the turning point for the idea of functional stand for laptop computer.”

Zlatko Barnak

“The first prototype of the laptop stand was very bulky and did not look good in the terms of aesthetics. But at the same time it revealed all the drawbacks, as well as possibilities. Unfortunatel, there is great ammount of such a stands from other manufacturers on the market.”

Zlatko Barnak

Development and production

All the models of LT-Stand will be put together by hands at s.r.BARNAK workshop, which guarantees you a high quality of a product. We have sold more than a hundred of previous models of stands and have the same ammount of satisfied users. We can proudly say that for the time being we did not have one complaint for our products. 

As you can see on the chart above, LT-Stand X 2.0 is the last in the series of official models and prototypes and was tested out in different ways, that allowed us to eliminate all found drawbacks.

By the Serbian law we are obliged to give you 2 years warranty for our product, so the quality of a product is guaranteed. But we propose more than that, because we know, that quality is what we want to be known for worldwide.

... we can easily say that LT-Stand X 2.0 is the one trully complete laptop stand.

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